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While you speak about collagen, good pores and skin well being instantly involves thoughts. Nonetheless, its advantages go far past a tighter complexion with higher elasticity. Produced by the physique and obtained by the consumption of protein-rich meals akin to meat and legumes, collagen prevents pores and skin growing old and works to keep up cartilage and bone mineral density, scale back bone weak spot and defend joints. From the age of 30, its manufacturing by the physique begins to lower, a course of that accelerates from the age of fifty. Athletes acquainted with extra strenuous modalities are additionally topic to impairments ensuing from the shortage of collagen if they don’t take ample consumption of proteins and different vitamins that favor their synthesis.

O I athlete spoke to nutritionist Angéli Marques Golfetto, who explains that earlier than prescribing any complement, a balanced food plan and a wholesome way of life are important. With the assist of the specialist, we’ll level out crucial meals which might be sources of collagen or stimulate its manufacturing by the physique.

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Collagen manufacturing depends upon consuming protein-rich meals — Picture: Istock Getty Photographs

Based on Golfetto, collagen synthesis depends upon the consumption of a mix of amino acids. Because of this, it is best to depend on a balanced food plan that ensures the consumption of meals which might be sources of protein and an ample consumption of water, important for the breakdown and absorption of this nutrient. A wholesome grownup must devour round 9 g of collagen day-after-day. Choices like purple meat, offal, and egg white are among the many meals with the best concentrations. Nonetheless, it’s also potential to make sure its presence in a vegetarian or vegan food plan. The one distinction is that the consumption of various amino acid sources have to be ensured.

– Not all sources of collagen are of animal origin. Right this moment there are even dietary dietary supplements of vegan origin. In meals of animal origin, nevertheless, collagen is extra bioavailable and is absorbed extra shortly. This doesn’t imply that the vegan or vegetarian food plan doesn’t have good sources, however that will probably be essential to devour them in a barely bigger quantity – provides the nutritionist.

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Verify under the listing of parts that may make up the food plan to make sure ample collagen manufacturing. Most merchandise of animal origin have already got the substance of their composition. Then come these of plant origin, wealthy in vitamins important for the synthesis of collagen by the human physique. Keep in mind that amino acids are important to this synthesis.

Gelatine is obtained from the bones, pores and skin and cartilage of animals akin to cattle and pigs and could be very wealthy in collagen — Picture: Istock Getty Photographs

  1. Jelly: Gelatine is derived from the bones, pores and skin and cartilage of animals akin to cattle and pigs and could be very wealthy in collagen. High quality choices with out coloring or flavoring are most helpful and can be utilized in recipes;
  2. Crimson meat: It’s a supply of protein and nutritional vitamins B6 and B12. Along with being nutritious, it additionally impacts the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and amino acids, whereas muscle tissues and fibers focus excessive ranges of collagen.
  3. Calf’s Foot Jelly: A part of the tibia and foot of the ox the place the cartilage, tendons and marrow (interior a part of the bone) are concentrated. Supply of collagen, proteins, nutritional vitamins and minerals.
  4. Offal: An instance is the liver, which is a supply of copper and iron, a vital part concerned in power manufacturing and antioxidant defenses. Copper can be vital for the exercise of lysyl oxidase, an enzyme concerned within the cross-linking of collagen and elastin, which give the constructing block and suppleness for blood vessels, bones, and joints.
  5. Protein: It’s wealthy in minerals akin to zinc and manganese, in addition to albumin, a protein that nourishes muscle tissues and provides satiety.
  6. Hen: Many collagen dietary supplements have hen as their main supply of amino acids. Hen bone cartilage is roughly 90% protein, of which 35% is collagen.
  7. hen foot: Just like the ox mocotó, hen ft focus quantity of collagen and can be utilized in soups.
  8. Bone broth: wealthy in collagen, when cooked with greens it releases mineral vitamins that facilitate their absorption.
  9. Beans and Lentils: Like different legumes, they’re essential sources of amino acids that work in collagen synthesis. Within the case of beans and lentils, they’re excessive in copper and essential for collagen restore.
  10. Broccoli: Meals supply of pure antioxidants akin to vitamin C, which additionally works within the manufacturing of collagen.
  11. Darkish Inexperienced Leaves: like spinach and kale. The darkish inexperienced leaves are sources of folic acid, an important nutrient for the synthesis of RNA and DNA that’s elementary to cell replication and protein absorption.
  12. Army: stimulates cell renewal as a result of it comprises flavonoids. It is a highly effective antioxidant to neutralize free radicals accountable for cell growing old. Its composition additionally consists of genistein, a hormone that accelerates the manufacturing of collagen.
  13. Oats: Wealthy in silicon, it helps preserve cell rigidity. Oatmeal works on muscle tissues, tendons, cartilage and joints, relieving ache and different issues attributable to an absence of collagen.
  14. citrus fruits: Meals wealthy in vitamin C promote collagen synthesis. Subsequently, it’s value betting on choices akin to orange, acerola, lemon and pineapple.
  15. Crimson fruits: are wealthy in cyanidin and vitamin C, antioxidants that struggle free radicals. Its consumption favors the partitions of the blood vessels of the pores and skin, making it higher hydrated and oxygenated.
  16. Flax and Chia Seeds: they’re sources of omega-3 that promote ldl cholesterol reducing and assist in collagen formation.
  17. Olive: wealthy in sulfur, it additionally stimulates collagen manufacturing.
  18. Water: elementary to moisturize and enhance pores and skin elasticity. As well as, it will increase protein absorption and eliminates toxins that may intervene with collagen manufacturing.

Angéli Marques Golfetto, postgraduate pupil in Phytotherapy and Prescribing Phytotherapeutics on the Metropolitan College of the State of São Paulo (FAMEESP), emphasizes that the sources of amino acids are a part of the Brazilian food plan. Nonetheless, it’s essential to pay full consideration to meals to make sure collagen manufacturing. Based on the nutritionist, nothing higher than sitting on a colourful plate.

– Consuming darkish inexperienced greens helps enhance the absorption of proteins and amino acids. Soybeans and berries are wealthy in highly effective antioxidants that enhance the absorption of amino acids. Meals wealthy in vitamin C additionally assist collagen synthesis. Oatmeal, flaxseed and chia not solely assist decrease levels of cholesterol: as a result of they’re excessive in protein, additionally they act on muscle tissues and tendons and assist alleviate cartilage issues – the nutritionist lists them and provides that ingesting sufficient water is important. . – Collagen is protein. The extra protein an individual eats, the extra water they need to devour to soak up what they eat.. As your meat and egg consumption will increase, you additionally want extra water to maintain your intestine from reacting negatively and inflicting constipation.

Do I want to make use of a complement?

Though collagen dietary supplements exist, the nutritionist explains that dietary care comes earlier than any prescription. It’s true that in some circumstances supplementation could also be indicated. Street runners, who’re topic to extra free radical launch, may have this enhance to stop untimely growing old and lack of muscle density and to guard their joints. The usage of dietary supplements can also be linked to the therapy of osteoporosis as collagen additionally helps stop bones from weakening. Nonetheless, earlier than utilizing these merchandise, the individual should seek the advice of a nutritionist to guage their way of life and food plan and analyze whether or not supplementation is basically vital.

– It’s extra widespread to have some type of indication after 30, 40 and as much as 50 years of age. Nonetheless, this isn’t a common rule. All of it depends upon the individual’s food plan and way of life. The recipe is: eat properly, get good sleep, no stress, train, which additionally will increase the necessity for amino acids, and drink water correctly. The absorption of all vitamins will get higher when there may be high quality in every thing you do – says Golfetto.

Angeli Marques Golfetto
is a nutritionist with a level from FADERGS and is a postgraduate pupil in Phytotherapy and Prescribing Phytotherapy on the Metropolitan College of the State of São Paulo (FAMEESP).

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