at what time and through which channel does it observe? All competitors applications are in Budapest

From the artwork of swimming and diving, to swimming within the open water pool with out swimming within the water polo, the world’s swimming patrons open on Friday 17 June in Budapest on Friday 17 June and finish on Saturday 2 July. One of the best resort on the planet is in Hungary lower than a yr after the Tokyo Olympics. This version was efficiently designed this yr due to the Covid-19 disaster, three years after the World Cup in Gwangju (South Korea), and whereas they’re in Fukuoka (Japan), has been postponed twice in 2023.

Round Florent Manaudou, but additionally Charlotte Bonnet, Leon Marchand, Marie Wattel (within the stadium), Aurelie Muller, Marc-Antoine Olivier and Mick Reymond (in open water), and Gary Hunt (in diving), the French group has the scenes to win. by multiple medal, the complete delegation is decreased to a tricolor on the Tokyo Video games. The French ladies’s water polo group has additionally certified for these worlds.

The place do you observe the worlds televisions in France?

Every day, from 18 June to 25, the World Championship Collection follows from 9 am to 11:45 am (as much as 12, 15 am on Saturdays 18 June, 12 am June 11 am) residing in france.television. The tip of the day, with the semi-finals and finals of the pool occasion, will probably be broadcast in France from 4 to six a.m. (as much as 8 am, besides Sunday 19 June to 7:40 a.m., Wednesday 22 June till 8 June. 05 a.m. , Thursday 23 June as much as 7:55 am and Saturday 25 June till 7:50 am

Sort of swimming program

Wednesday 18th June

Collection and Finals : 400m free males, 400m free ladies’s kinds, 400m males’s casualty, 4x100m freestyle ladiesMales’s 4x100m freestyle.
Collection and semi-finals : Girls’s 100m butterfly, males’s 50m butterfly, males’s 100m breast, ladies’s 200m medley.

French councilor Florent Manaudou at the 50m freestyle meeting in the Mediterranean on 4 March 2022. (Stephane KEMPINAIRE/KMSP/AFP)

Sunday nineteenth June

Warmth: 1500m freestyle femmes
Warmth and semi-finals: 100m backstroke femmes100m males’s backstroke, 100m breast femmes200m freestyle males.
Finals: 100m breaststroke males100m butterfly femmes50m butterfly males200m medley femmes.

Monday 20 June

Collection: 800m freestyle males
Heats and semi-finals: 50m breaststroke males200m freestyle femmes200m butterfly males.
Finals: 200m freestyle males1500m freestyle femmes100 m dos femmes100 m dos males100 m femmes.

Tuesday, June 21

Warmth and semi finals: 50m backstroke femmes100m freestyle males200m medley males200m butterfly femmes.
Heats and Finals: 4x100m mixed medley relay
Finals: 800m freestyle males200m freestyle femmes200m butterfly males50 m males

Wednesday twenty second June

Warmth and semi-finals: 100m freestyle femmes200 m dos males200 m femmes200 m males.
Warmth and Finals: 4x200m freestyle femmes.
Finals: 200m butterfly femmes100m freestyle males50 m dos femmes200m medley males.

Thursday 23 June

Heats and semi-finals: 100m butterfly males200 m dos femmes50m freestyle males50m butterfly femmes.
Warmth and Finals: 4x200m freestyle course males.
Finals: 100m freestyle femmes200 m femmes200 m dos males200 m males.

Friday twenty fourth June

Warmth and semi-finals: 50m freestyle femmes50 m dos males50 m femmes.
Warmth and Finals: blended 4x100m freestyle course
Finals: 50m butterfly femmes50m freestyle males100m butterfly males200 m dos femmes800m freestyle femmes.

The start of the women's 50m bookstore in the year 2019 for the long-time world championship in Gwangju (South Korea), 28 July 2019. (ALEXANDER VILF/SPUTNIK/AFP)

Tuesday 25 June

Heats and Finals: 400m medley femmes4x100m relay 4 strokes males4×100 m femmes.
Finals: 50m two males50 m femmes1500m freestyle males50m freestyle femmes.

An artwork program for swimming, open water, swimming, and water polo

Friday the seventeenth of June

Swimming Arts: a solo technical and technical duet collection.

Wednesday 18th June

Arts swimming

Sunday nineteenth June

Arts swimming: a streak on the technical group, a technical duet within the finals.

Monday 20 June

Swimming Arts: The one free collection, the finals are technically blended and composed duet.
Water polo: France-Spain

Frenchman Audrey Daule handed the ball over to Italy.  (MAXPPP)

Tuesday, June 21

Swimming Arts: a free collection of duets, technical group finals.

Wednesday twenty second June

Arts swims: free group heats, solely free finals.
Water polo: Thailand – France

Thursday 23 June

Swimming Arts: Exaggeration streak, duet free finals.

Friday twenty fourth June

Synchronized swimming: blended streak free duels, free group finals.
Water polo: France-Greece

Tuesday 25 June

Synchronized swimming, blended and free duet finals, spotlight the finals.

Sunday twenty sixth June

Open Water: 6 km District
Diving: heats and finals within the males’s 3 m trampoline, heats and semi-finals within the ladies’s 10 m trampoline.
Water polo: Circle 16 of the ladies’s event and classification match.

One water-specific, Marc-Antoine Olivier competition on 16 December 2021. (Stephane KEMPINAIRE / KMSP/AFP)

Monday twenty seventh June

Open water: 5 km female and male
Diving: streak and semi-finals within the males’s 3m trampoline, ladies’s 10m trampoline remaining.
Water polo: Spherical 16 of the lads’s event and classification.

Tuesday twenty eighth June

Diving: males’s synchronized 10m heats and finals, males’s 3m springboard finals.
Water polo: event quarter finals womanly

Wednesday twenty ninth June

Open water: 10 km feminine and male
Diving: ladies’s 1m trampoline heats and remaining, group’s 3m and 10m trampoline finals, ladies’ synchronized 3m trampoline finals.
Water polo: quarterfinals of the lads’s eventin.

Thursday, June 30

Open water 25 km ladies and men
Diving: ladies’s synchronized 10m trampoline heats and remaining, males’s 1m trampoline heats and remaining.
water polo: event semi-final womanly

Friday July 1

Diving: ladies’s 3m trampoline heats and semi-final, blended synchronized 10m trampoline remaining.
Water polo: males’s event semi-finals.

Wednesday 2 . July

Diving: the lads’s 10m heats semi-finals and the ladies’s 3m springboard remaining.
Water-polo: ladies’s event remaining.

Sunday 3° of July

Diving: ladies’s synchronized 3m trampoline heats and remaining, males’s 10m trampoline remaining.
Sport of water the ultimate males’s event.

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