Dare – Tour de France: Final morning and 52.5 km on the Grand Loop

Barnum Excursions leaves the capital this Tuesday, July 19, for the Sixteenth-ranked Carcassonne-Foix, after final morning shared the signature animations between runners and the Village of Excursions. Departure from Dare which additionally represents the final resort when it comes to parking and visitors.

Vigorous Bigeard area

With its standing as a village scene, Carcassonne has benefited from the three-day actions (free) across the cycle provided as a part of the Tour de France: explicit conferences articulated across the Ateliers du Tour, in place after Sunday. André Chénier provided once more this Monday 18 July. In a plan, you are devoted to rebuilding and preserving cycle tracks, repairing and preserving bicycles, and even animated animated main characters on bicycles, providing the flexibility to check skilled bikes, attempting to maintain as much as the loopy tempo of launching at about 50 km/h. h… for 30 seconds. This Tuesday, July 19, in the direction of Bigeard Area, is close to the beginning of a fictitious location du Général-de-Gaulle, which shall be transformed to new leisure necessities, particularly with the La Publish. the workplace, the traveler’s workplace, and even the street to security, an space devoted to good workouts alongside the best way to speak.

From Village to podium signing

For the blessed (particularly these worthy of credit score) a morning assembly was launched in Villa du Tour: a big area situated within the alley Boulevard Barbès, open at 9:30 am, the place native authorities meet locals; allies, individuals, champions and followers of the previous. The place visitors can immortalize their go to with memento photographs, the manufacturing unit engineers attempt their hand at assemble a wood bicycle as shortly as potential. Launching into the world of the Grande Boucle, an enormous amusement beehive and cuff, together with a small village podium the place, at 12 am, the official ceremony will happen with deputy director Aso Christian Prud’homme and persona, earlier than a. The background “brief” is delivered by former French champion Sylvain Chavanel for uncovering the tactical and technical features of the day.

For individuals who haven’t got a expensive ticket to enter the Village, the present will nonetheless be there: in particular person from 10:30am to welcome entry to the Village, artists of Clique du Tour may also work. within the signature podium, place du Général-de-Gaulle; This balcony shall be a steady equestrian procession from 11:20 am to 12:20 am, earlier than the roll name at 12:25 am :30 am

Saba and the peloton hesitated

Earlier than reaching the ultimate picture of the peloto, spectators will see an enormous passenger parade. Its 150 autos and 480 passengers depart into service 30 of the notes: established on the boulevards of Marcou and Barbès, passengers shall be between 10 h 25 and 10 h 55, to cross the beginning line from 10 h 30 to 11 h. An hour and a half later, the peloton will flip round and arrive on the place du Général de Gaulle, a fictitious begin, which can catch riders on the boulevards du Commandant-Roulens, Camille-Pelletan and Pont-Neuf earlier than diving. Observe proper Audrey by means of rue Dujardin-Beaumetz, rue Michel-Maurette, and be a part of D 104. An actual begin shall be given at 12:40 am, after a 5.4 km journey by means of the procession. This season, certainly, is the primary breakdown effort for runners who can cowl 179 km. Notice, lovers of the lake: there isn’t any D 104 for the caravan, which is not going to be in peril on the foot of Pont-Vieux, however will take the method du Générale-Léclerc earlier than it joins the street by D 342 (by way of Saint-Hilaire).

Heading south and roads closed

179 km in whole for this 16e stage. 52.5 Dare routes embody, working south to the Nice Loop in the beginning of the competitors: Cavanac, Couffoulens, Leuc, Verzeille, Saint-Hilaire, Gardie, Pieusse, Limoux, La Digne-d’Amont, Ajac. They handed between the cities of La Bezole, Saint-Benoût, Montjardin and Chalabre, with two steps to the Grand Prix de la Montagne, Côte de Saint-Hilaire (4th class, at 13.7 km with 1.5 km at 6.6%) and Col de l’Espinas (4th, 35.6 km, with 5.3 km at 5%). All of the cities and axes the place parking and visitors shall be positioned early in the course of the Excursions. In lots of municipalities, between 8 am and a couple of am (or 3 am) markets and carriage had been prohibited on 19 July; in Carcassonna, it would in all probability take a bit of extra persistence to return to regular. The time when Barnum folds his wings.

Occasions of the Passage County and the peloton in Dare this 19 July

Tuesday nineteenth July: Carcassonne-Foix stage. The fictional departure from Boulevard Barbès at 10:30 am for the prepare, at 12:30 am for the peloton; precise departure to Carcassonne (D104), 10:40 am and 12:40 am (common 41 km/h); Cavanac (D104-D204), 10:43 am and 12:43 am; Couffoulens (D204-D104), 10:46 am and 12:46 am Leuc, 10:47 am, 12:47 am Verzeille, 10:52 am, 12:51 am Saint-Hilaire, 10:57 am, and 12 56 am Côte de Saint-Hilaire (4th class), 11:02 am and 1 am; Pieusse, 11:13 am, 1, 10: am Limoux (D104-D620-D118-D620), 11:16 am, and 1:12 am Navarre (La Digne d’Aval, D620), am 11, 23, am Ajac, 11:29 am, 1, 24 am La Bezole, 11:38 am, and 1:32 am Col de l’Espinas (3 class), 11:42 am, 1:36 am; Saint-Benoit, 11:47 am and 1:40 am; Montjardin, 11:58 am, 1:50 am; Chalabre (D620-D18), 11:59 am and 1:51 am Dare to exit the D118-D28 Crossroads (Ariège), 12:05 am and 1:56 am

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