One Piece 1059: Chapter Abstract

One Piece 1059: A whole recap of the manga chapter by Eiichiro Oda, printed weekly in Weekly Shonen Soar journal.

One Piece 1059: Chapter Abstract

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On the duvet, Katakuri and Oven hit one another due to Caesar Clown’s hallucinogenic gasoline.

The chapter begins with Marco saying goodbye to Crimson’s pirate crew, who accompanied him to Phoenix Island, Whitebeard’s residence.

Shanks asks him if he desires to hitch them, however Marco tells him to cease joking, he is bored with coddling massive pirates.

Shanks replies that he’s not exaggerating as a result of he’s not a pest, whereas Ben Beckmann contradicts him, adopted by laughter from his comrades.

Everybody greets Marco, who flies to the island.

The flashbacks going down in Wano start in the course of the competition after the evening of the Toro Verde assault.
Luffy: “What? Will not you include us? Change into a pirate!
Sanji: “No!!! Yamato-chan!!!”
Yamato: “You seen that, did not you guys? The incident with the “forest dude” was resolved solely due to another person’s mighty Haki … However now all these dudes are on our heels! I am unable to let this occur! How might I’m going on an journey whereas I am frightened about this nation? I am positive we each really feel the identical manner!”

Luffy seems at him significantly, however understands what he’s saying and accepts his choice, leaving Momonosuke and the others in his fingers.

Zoro asks Yamato to watch out to not harm Momonosuke’s emotions, as he has a powerful sense of delight. Yamato replies that he is aware of, and that he’s attempting to attain a private objective in Wano Nation as a way to fulfill himself much more.

Sanji cries over Yamato’s choice.

Marco flies to the place Luffy and the others are, saying {that a} ship has appeared off the coast of the nation and that he’ll go away on it.

There’s a small flashback of Marco telling Jinbe at Marineford to take his brother Ace with him after he dies. Luffy thanks him for serving to him in the course of the warfare.

Marco: “I am positive Ace will probably be joyful to see the place you have come!”
Luffy laughs and agrees.
Marco flies off with one final message for Luffy: “That is your period any more! Go ahead with willpower!”
Luffy: “I will undoubtedly do it!”

The flashback ends and Marco lands on the Sphinx Island.

The scene cuts to the Amazon Lily.

A part of the nice mountain within the middle of the island was destroyed. Gloriosa says that that is the primary time people have been capable of invade the island so deeply, and that the town has been severely broken. Hancock says that so long as she is on the island, the enemies will advance.

Hancock: “Now that issues have come up to now… I would prefer to marry Luffy…”
Wonderful: “You at all times need it, so it is nothing new.”

One other flashback begins throughout a fleet assault a number of weeks earlier. The Marines handle to interrupt the gates of the island, however the Kuja counterattack. The Marines give the order to deploy new pacifists, referred to as Seraphim, to additionally activate their cameras. Vice Admiral Yamakaji says there’s nonetheless no signal of Hancock.

Somewhat lady with wings and flames on her again seems earlier than Margarita and Dushka, however they do not wish to battle the little lady. A lady with star-shaped pupils shoots a laser beam from her fingers, like pacifists.

Immediately, Blackbeard seems behind the warships of the fleet. A large tsunami blows Navy ships out of the best way to clear a path to the Amazon Lily. The Marines say the Sea Kings will spot the tsunami.

Educate descends to the island with Vasco Shot and Katarina Devon: “Zahahahaha! I am right here for you, Pirate Empress! By no means will I enable your forces to fall into the fingers of the fleet!”

Katarina says that Hancock is gorgeous, so she desires to make her head her treasure. Educate says he can do no matter he desires so long as he has the energy. Vasco says it is best to seize her alive and take her with you.

The Marines ask Yamakaji to present the order to assault Blackbeard, however he replies that they need to await headquarters’ permission. After that, Blackbeard assaults them with the facility of Gura-Gur, whereas telling Boa Hancock to come back out.

Koby enters Kuja Metropolis with a gaggle of Marines and tries to make Hancock suppose, “Hancock-san! We don’t wish to use violence! For those who include us, I promise we’ll go away instantly!”

Marigold and Sandersonia inform her to step apart as a result of they’re going to care for fixing the Marines. Nevertheless, Hancock prepares to battle.
Hancock: “How humorous! I can’t be within the fingers of any of you! I bow to nobody!”

Blackbeard’s subordinates ask for assist, as a brand new enemy has appeared, he’s a toddler, however they can’t do something in opposition to him. An explosion attributable to a pacifist beam is seen.

Blackbeard: “Um? It may well’t be… White hair, brown pores and skin… And black wings?!”

The child involves Uchi. He has flames on his again and carries a sword just like Mihawk’s (truly the kid seems precisely just like the Mihawk drawn by Oda in SBS). Assault Blackbeard along with your sword, reducing the island’s nice mountain in two.

Blackbeard: “Huh? Shit! This brat is a pacifist! What the hell is happening?!”

Pacifist assaults once more, however Blackbeard defends himself with Haki. He then makes use of his powers to soak up all the things round him utilizing the Black Gap Method.

Boa makes use of the Slave’s Arrow to show all enemies to stone, together with Germeppo and Yamakaji. Koby orders the pacifists to cease, as they will destroy the stone statues with their assaults. Boa is about to make use of Perfum Femur, however somebody stops her.

Blackbeard grabbed Hancock by the neck, lifting her off the bottom, going through Koby and Kuja. She makes use of her powers so Boa cannot use hers.

Let’s discover out their new rewards: 1,659,000,000 for Boa Hancock and three,996,000,000 for Blackbeard.

Blackbeard: “Zahahahaha! Apparently, they name you “Empress” for a motive! You turned all my idiots to stone!
Hancock: “Get your filthy fingers off me!”

Katarina Devon and Vasco Shot additionally modified.

Kobe would not know what to do.

Educate tells her that she has been patiently ready to take her powers, however she replies that they’re primarily based on her magnificence. If she is killed, the transformations is not going to return to regular, and neither will the next proprietor of Mero-Mero.

Koby says that Hancock is extra of an issue than he anticipated.

Blackbeard: “This case appears to be going nowhere, proper ‘Hero’ Kobe?! You probably did me a favor in the course of the Rocky Port Incident! Because of you, I used to be capable of defeat Ouchoku (Wang Zhi) and turn out to be the boss of Pirate Island!… Do you actually suppose that if I let her go, she’ll be variety sufficient to return everybody again to regular?”

Koby: “If he did not flip the troopers again to regular, that will be an enormous drawback… Ah…”
Hancock: “I will do it if you happen to go away the island!”
Blackbeard squeezes his neck even tighter: “And… That is a lie! If I allow you to go, you’ll flip us to stone. And this will probably be our finish, proper? To be trustworthy, I do not suppose a person can resist your energy. This can be a troublesome scenario… I actually suppose I ought to kill you.”
Kobe: “Do not do it! The variety of victims could be too nice!”

Immediately, somebody with a really robust Haki seems.

Silvers Raleigh: “I used to be anticipating Marines, however this… Even the surroundings has modified… I am sorry, Hancock, I am late.”
Blackbeard: “…Darkish King Rayleigh?!”

Rayleigh attracts his sword.

Rayleigh: Hey, Apprentice Whitebeard! It is not very mature of me to say this, however I do not such as you.”

Koby and Blackbeard’s subordinates go loopy. Rayleigh continues: “Hancock, deliver everybody again to regular. I will probably be a witness. You’ll all go away the island with out making silly strikes.”

Amazon Lily, current. Rayleigh arrived on the island with Shakky, whose true identification we uncover: “Progress at all times brings issues… Because of Vegapunk’s Agalmatolite Warships, the Belt of Tranquility is not a protected place.

Amazon Empress Lily from the earlier two generations, former captain of the Kuja Pirates: Shakki.

Rayleigh: “Really, all the things was advantageous with us. I am already previous, I would not be capable of defeat the present Blackbeard.”
Rayleigh says the Marines consider they will substitute the Fleet 7 with the brand new pacifists they dropped at the island. Marigold and Sandersonia speak about it.

Daisy: “On the finish of the battle, these two…”

Sandersonia: “They did not actually have a scratch! One in every of them appeared precisely like our older sister as a toddler!”
A picture of the Seraph that the Marines used on the Amazon Lily is proven, matching the picture of Boa Hancock as a toddler, with the one distinction being that the pupils are star-shaped.

The chapter ends with a Navy ship reporting what occurred to Amazon Lily.

Marine: “Sure, sir. We’re arriving at ‘Egg Head’ port proper now. Concerning the kidnapped Captain Kobe…”

On the final web page, we see a newspaper web page with a photograph of Kobe. The narrator says that Captain Koby, the hero of the Rocky Port Incident, was captured by Emperor Blackbeard. His present place is unknown…


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