Who’re the Mormons?

The founding father of Mormonism, Joseph Smith

The founding father of Mormonism is a younger American farmer, Joseph Smith. Born in 1905, he grew up in upstate New York within the first half of the nineteenth century, on the time of America’s second spiritual awakening, prey to the fervor of preachers.

Someday, when he was 14 years outdated, Smith receives a rare go to from God, who entrusts him with an necessary mission: to revive the “true” Church on earth, with the intention of making ready the return of Christ. That is the central level of Mormonism: Christ will return among the many individuals—in america, after all—to ascertain a kingdom of a thousand years of happiness (therefore the identify “millennial” faith).

What’s the distinction between an Amish and a Mormon?

Moroni and the E-book of Mormon

Later, in 1823, Smith was visited by an angel named Moroni. He reveals to her the existence of a holy e-book that speaks of a individuals who lived in America very way back and to whom Christ taught the gospel. The textual content is written in an unknown language, on golden tablets. After unearthing them, Smith interprets them into English utilizing two magic stones. That is how he brings the E-book of Mormon – Mormon is the identify of the prophet who is claimed to have composed these writings within the 4th century AD.

The Mormon scriptures encompass the Bible (King James model), from E-book of Mormon – which constitutes a type of third will – of The pearl of the Grand Prix (a choice of Joseph Smith’s writings) and doctrines and alliances.

For Mormons, God was first human

In the event that they depend on the Bible, Mormons can’t be thought of Christians as a result of they refuse to stick to the Nicene Creed. They consider in Jesus Christ and in addition consider that man should repent of authentic sin, however they reject one of many pillars of Christianity: the trinity. They envision the union of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, however contemplate these entities distinct from each other. One other level of distinction: Man was created within the picture of God, the Mormons consider that God was human earlier than he attained divinity. In order that they assume they will obtain it on their very own.

In 1830, Joseph Smith based “the Church of Jesus Christ” in Fayette, which might develop into “the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” However the clashes intensify between this ardent preacher of a brand new faith, the opposite believers or the dissidents of his camp. Smith makes almost thirty passes in jail.

The Mormons fled from Missouri west to Illinois in 1839. Smith constructed a brand new metropolis there, Nauvoo. Arrested once more in 1844, he was shot lifeless by the mob in jail on June 27 of the identical yr.

The Capital, Salt Lake Metropolis

After Smith’s dying, the Council of Twelve administered the Church and selected Brigham Younger (1801-1877) as her successor to guide the spiritual motion. In Nauvoo, the violence is such that much more refugees need to flee to the West. Younger led 1000’s of believers over 1,800 miles between 1846 and 1847. An exodus that led them to the Nice Salt Lake, which was then in Mexican territory. They settled there and based the town of Salt Lake Metropolis, in present-day Utah.

One in every of their practices, promulgated in 1852 and condemned by america Congress, hinders their try to amass the state: polygamy. Tensions between Younger and federal brokers culminated within the Mountain Meadows bloodbath in 1857. A bunch of Mormons violently attacked passengers on a prepare passing via the world. It was due to the intervention of Governor Alfred Cummings, despatched by President James Buchanan, that peace may come to Mormon territory.

A life-style with strict guidelines

In 1890, polygamy was lastly deserted by the neighborhood, who wished to abide by American regulation. Mormons from then on concentrate on the household, each in life on earth and in life afterward, as they follow baptism by proxy from the lifeless and everlasting marriage. They’re very inquisitive about family tree.

Every believer provides 10% of his revenue to the church. The primary Sunday of each month is obligatory fasting for lunch and dinner. No meals or liquid. As a normal rule, stimulant merchandise corresponding to medication, alcohol, tobacco, tea and low are prohibited.

A Necessary Passage: The Mission

Proselytism is a should. Starting at age 19 for boys and 21 for women, younger Mormons are required to serve missions for 2 years.

Not like the Amish, who refuse to make any progress, the Mormons are centered on modernity and attempt to adapt to society. A lot in order that certainly one of their members gained the Republican Occasion nomination for the 2012 presidential election. Mitt Romney then bowed to Barack Obama, however for the primary time, a Mormon was capable of win the White Home.

Are there Mormons in France?

If Mormonism is a basically American faith (america is the Promised Land and the Individuals are the chosen individuals), it has greater than 35,000 followers in France. The primary missionary, William Howells, arrived in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 1849. It took till the top of the Second World Conflict and the Sixties for a comparatively giant unfold of this perception in French territory.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was registered in 1952 as a 1901 authorized affiliation. In 2017, a 7,000-square-foot temple was opened within the Yvelines, funded for building by the Motherhouse in Salt Lake Metropolis.

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